Flagship Financial Services was established in 1989 by the former staff of Amerifirst Mortgage Corporation in Ft. Lauderdale. In the early 1980’s Amerifirst was the largest residential lender in Florida. Flagship’s president brought Fifteen years of lending experience at Amerifirst to the new company. With the closing of Amerifirst, Flagship continued doing business with its former realtor & builder clients. While our customer base has continued to expand over the years, Flagship has continued to provide excellent service to our valued realtors, builders, and customers.

As a small, locally owned and operated mortgage banking firm licensed in the state of Florida, Flagship is uniquely positioned to offer the professional, personalized service you just can’t get from a large national bank or mortgage company. Of course we underwrite, close, and fund the loans we originate, just like the larger national companies. But we have the unique ability to change and adapt to your needs quickly. Our loan officers are well trained, knowledgeable, energetic and personable. Their main desire is to help you close on time.

Whether you are seeking to finance an investment, a secondary or primary residential mortgage, or possibly discuss refinance mortgage opportunities, or perhaps this is your first home loan, Flagship Financial Services is there for you every step of the way.

So we invite you to check out the difference at Flagship where you will always find…Mortgages with great rates & smooth sailing.


  • In Real Estate, they say it’s Location, Location, Location.
  • In Mortgage Financing, we say it’s Service, Service, Service.
  • And Flagship delivers mortgage closings with exceptional service.


At Flagship we strive to facilitate a smooth real estate closing. We make our closing cost estimates as accurate as possible and advise you on which program is most suitable to your financial needs. Everyone in the transaction is always treated with honesty, integrity and respect.


From buyer pre-qualification to closing we make it a priority to keep all parties to the transaction informed. We don’t like surprises and neither do you. If we see a problem during the loan process we address it immediately. Our goal is always to close and close on time.


We will actually read your contract and pay attention to application deadlines, approval deadlines and most importantly, closing dates.


Our goal is always to achieve a smooth, on time closing. We won’t drag an unqualified borrower through the mud for months only to tell you on closing day that we just couldn’t get you a loan. At Flagship over 90% of the borrowers who apply with Flagship close on time with Flagship.


  • Over 50 FHA/VA project approvals – All for builders in Florida
  • Over 1 Billion in mortgages for home buyers – All in Florida
  • One of the largest FHA lenders in Florida
  • Member – Mortgage Bankers Association of America Since 1989
  • FHA / VA / Conventional / Jumbo approved lender